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Intergrated Modules

Who we serve...

AIRman Xtreme-Duty products are used globally for a wide variety of Heavy-Transport applications.  Original Equipment Manufacturers, Component Suppliers and After Market Warehouse Distributors rely on AIRman valves, actuators and control modules to provide reliable service. 

AIRman supplies products for trucks and trailers of all kind including dump, flatbed, equipment haulers, vans, reefers, blade, tankers, bulk transport, pneumatic, buses, motor homes, military and emergency vehicles.  We also provide components to suspension manufacturers for direct install and kits. 

In fact, because AIRman private labels our products for so many of our clients chances are your company may already be using an AIRman device in your current system.

We design and manufacture…

  • Suspension fill and dump controls
  • Weigh scale controls
  • Lift axle controls
  • Free wheel brake isolation valves
  • Tailgate latch controls
  • Tire maintenance systems
  • Axle assembly slider controls
  • Tailgate lift controls
  • Multi-function valve control modules
  • Tanker safety rail and manhole cover controls
  • Fuel venting system controls.
  • Interlock valves
  • Loading dock stability systems
  • Anti-theft devices
  • Traction device deployment systems
  • Ride height controls
  • Quick release valves
  • Pressure protection valves
  • Check valves
  • Axle vents
  • Protective enclosure control assemblies
  • Actuators for lift gates and latching
  • Actuators for manhole covers
  • Integrated valve actuator combination

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